Expedient Legal Solutions for Intellectual Property Issues


Results Oriented

We handle all aspects of the IP procurement process, including:

  • Interviewing inventors and applicants

  • Conducting patent and trademark searches

  • Drafting and filing patent, trademark, and copyright applications

  • Managing the prosecution process and costs

  • Conducting Examiner interviews

  • Working with foreign attorneys to secure international rights.


Collaborative Approach

We understand that patent portfolio analysis, commercialization, and monetization is central to the success of our clients. We provide a wide range of counseling services, including:

  • Freedom-to-operate, infringement/non-infringement, enforceability, invalidity, competitive patent landscape, and patentability analyses and opinions

  • Due diligence analysis of intellectual property assets

  • Patent portfolio audits, including strategic advice for maximizing existing patent portfolios and planning for future portfolio development and capitalization

  • Work with your brand team to navigate the trademark landscape

  • Work with engineers to design solutions when faced with challenges


Years of Experience

We are experienced in all types of adversarial patent proceedings, including litigation in U.S. district courts and actions before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Accordingly, we are well-equipped to handle post-grant proceedings before the USPTO and to provide a variety of litigation support services including:

  • Infringement and validity searching and analysis

  • USPTO Post-Grant Proceedings

  • Strategic planning and positioning for clients’ upcoming or ongoing U.S. District Court proceedings

  • Litigation support of IP-related issues